Welcome to Pius IX Council 4396, PO BOX 183, Lansdale, PA 19446
(215) 368-3044  -  info@koc4396.org

Catholic Men of age 18 +years should consider becoming a Knight. Please contact us!

"Saint John’s Hospice”, Philadelphia.  Where homeless men find Dignity, Respect and new Beginnings.  Members of Pius IX Council find themselves helping others.  A program of Catholic Social services of the Arhdiocies of Philadelphia.  Join us.  You can make a difference!

Sir Knight Lester Traband helping to setup while another volunteer plays the piano.

Pius IX Councils’, Chaplin,  Sir Knight Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Tracy.  Msgr. Tracy is Pastor of St. Stanislaus in Lansdale, PA and Sir Knight, Rev. John C. Nguyen, Pastor “Father Chung” of St. Maria Goretti, Hatfield, PA. 

Check out “Our Knights in Action”!

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